SheProfitsAfrica provides training, mentoring and connections for women entrepreneurs.

Women constitute roughly half of the population and thus potentially half the workforce. As a group, they do as much work as men if not more. However, the types of work they do , the condition under which they work, and their access to opportunities for advancement differ from men’s.

Our work seeks to improve access to opportunities and ultimately the success of women entrepreneurs.

The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all. – Aung San Suu Kyi

Women who are not in tech related fields generally don’t get to know technology as a business tool even though technology tools have been shown to open up small businesses to a larger market and provide greater efficiency. There are various services available to access customers and run businesses on a global basis, from social media and advertising tools to payments, logistics and e-commerce platforms to cloud-based productivity software.


SheProfitsAfrica is founded on the principles of equity and fairness. We believe that given the right information and access to opportunities, women will flourish and contribute to creating better societies for all.

SheProfitsAfrica was founded by Fayo Williams and Banke Alawaye. While providing consulting services to SMEs, they recognised the need to further support women entrepreneurs… more


SheProfitsAfrica Fellowship

The Fellowship is a combination of an 8-Week taught program and membership of the SheProfitsAfrica community. The 8-Week program comprises of:

  • In-person Workshops
  • Online Workshops
  • Online Community
  • Participation in investor and networking events
  • Ongoing access to online community and partnership offers

Acceptance into the Fellowship is based on your meeting the eligibility criteria. Call for entries will be announced here.

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